Aquamarine: "The Gem of the Sea"

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Zodiac sign: Pisces

Associated month: March

Crystal system: Hexagonal crystal system

Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family, and the name is from Latin 'aqua marina' meaning sea water, referring to its beautiful and serene blue color.

It sits on a 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (which makes it great for tumbling in it's rough/natural form) and ranges in varying shades of blue to blue-green. Aquamarine is the birthstone most commonly associated with March and is commonly seen set into jewelry.

Fun Facts:

  1. In folklore, Aquamarine is one busy stone! It is thought that Aquamarine has been used to enhance youth, intelligence, courage, and in some ancient legends it was supposedly used to reduce the effects of poison.
  2. In ancient Rome Aquamarine was commonly associated with the god Neptune, and used to represent the sea in worship to Neptune. Legend has it that Neptune first recieved one of these gems when it fell out of a Siren's jewel box and washed up on shore.
  3. If you know anyone coming up on their 19th wedding anniversary, then Aquamarine may be just the thing to get them! Aquamarine is the traditional gift given to couples on their 19th wedding anniversary, and is usually given in the form of jewelry.
  4. The largest known Aquamarine is the "Hirsch Aquamarine" which is an enormous emerald-cut, 109.92 carat Aquamarine gem. This Aquamarine pendant is set with 118 diamonds and 18K white gold; see this stunning gem yourself here!
  5. Much of the Aquamarine available are actually slightly heat-treated to enhance the vibrancy of the blue. They are treated in a way that doesn't affect the structure or composition of the crystal, but regardless heat-treated Aquamarine is typically labeled as such.

Find more gorgeous Aquamarine here!


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