Yellow & Orange Aventurine Pendulum

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Yellow & Orange Aventurine Pendulum

Size: 6 x 2 cm (chain is 16 cm)

Weight: 14 g

Metal: Base Metal, Silver Color

Product Type: One of a Kind

Yellow and Orange Aventurine are beautiful, shimmery members of the Quartz family. The orange aligns to the Sacral Chakra, where the yellow color aligns beautifully to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

This captivating piece is topped by a small quartz sphere, has a faceted Yellow Aventurine shaft, and a Orange Aventurine pyramid point base. A pendulum opens communication with spirit, guides, and the highest self. If used correctly, one can access Divine guidance.

Yellow Aventurine has traditionally been associated with focusing intent, self control, and overcoming grief. It compliments Black Onyx and Shungite nicely both in look and energy. 

Orange Aventurine has been referred to as the "Whisper Stone" as it is believed to help quiet the critical or judgmental inner voice and serves to clear out blockages between the Sacral and Third-Eye Chakras. If you're looking for a change and an adventure than this stone may be just for you; it is considered to help manifest exciting new possibilities in your life as well!

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