Tumbled Tiger Iron (Various)

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Tumbled Tiger Iron

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Tiger Iron is a metamorphic banded ironstone rock that consists of silica Quartz and Iron, it is a combination of Red Jasper, Hematite, and Golden Tiger Eye. Tiger Iron is primarily mined in South Africa and Western Australia.

These pieces of tumbled Tiger Iron have an exceptional presence with each of the polished pieces bringing out the mirror-like sheen of the Hematite, the opaque Jasper, and the chatoyant Tigers Eye. These are dynamic, unique, and intriguing to look at!

All of the individual components in this stone, (the Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, and Hematite), are believed to work together to give a centering and grounding effect. The combination of Tiger Iron is also thought to help give confidence in your own talents and abilities, and encourage reasonable thinking during difficult decision making.

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