Tumbled Scapolite Pebbles (5-10 pieces) (various)

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Tumbled Scapolite Pebbles

Size: 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 cm, each

Weight: ~ 1.5 g, 5 pieces

Product Type: One of Multiple

Scapolite, formerly known as wernerite, incorporates sodium-rich marialite and calcium rich meionite. The two scapolite minerals differ as meionite has carbonate in place of the chlorine in marialite. The minerals are often visibly identical. Scapolite is the term for both minerals, sub-classification is often overlooked. The name comes from the Greek skapos for “shaft,” because of the short and think nature of the crystals. Scapolite comes in a variety of colors and formations.

These little Scapolite pebbles are great for travel pouches and crafting projects. They express a variety of appearances, from opaque chatoyancy to transparent with inclusions, these are dynamic little stones, no wonder they are so potent.

Scapolite encourages emotional healing by letting go of the attachment to past wounds, as opposed to revisiting them. It is helpful to increase self-esteem and self discipline, while breaking self destructive habits; self sabotage, external blame, and depression. It helps bring understanding if you are manipulating the emotions of actions of others. Scapolite encourages self-responsibility for our emotions and actions. It encourages calm responses and balanced reactions. Letting go of self blame, trauma, and emotional debris. Scapolite encourages transformation and attainable goals. It also is known to absorb electromagnetic frequencies.

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