Tugtupite, Arfvedsonite & White Natrolite Greenland Specimen

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Tugtupite, Arfvedsonite & White Natrolite Specimen from Greenland

Also Known As: "Reindeer Blood"

Origin: Narsaq complex, Greenland

Weight: 40 g

Size: 4 x 4 x 3 cm

Product Type: One of a kind

Tugtupite is a rare fluorescent mineral from Greenland that was discovered between 1957 and 1962 making it a fairly new discovery either way. Tugtupite is commonly red, white to pink, or bluish to greenish white in regular light and fluoresces crimson under UV radiation. Tugtupite is only a 4 on the Mohs Scale, and its name is derived from the Greenlandic Inuit word for reindeer (tuttu) and means "Reindeer Blood".

Arfvedsonite is a rarer stone discovered by and named after Johan August Arfwedson, a Swedish chemist, in 1832. It is often mistaken for other stones such as Nuummite and Astrophylite and can be found in Greenland and Russia.

This unique little specimen is white to clear with spots of pink and black, and would be an excellent addition to any collection, especially a UV room!

Tugtupite has been referred to as the stone of deep heartfelt love, and it is believed to embody the pureness of intense, true love. It is also believed to have the power to awaken passion and help combat apathy within relationships; it is no wonder that Tugtupite is connected to the Heart Chakra! Arfvedsonite is considered to be a Stone of Truth, and is associated with the throat chakra, making it an ideal communication aid!

You are purchasing one (1) specimen of Tugtupite, Arfvedsonite & White Natrolite that is one of a kind.

Please note that although we strive to present the piece as accurately as possible through our photography, size and color may vary slightly due to the nature of natural products.