Tree of Life Dream Catcher

Origin: Indonesia

Size: 10 cm. radius

Weight: 40 g.

Product Type: One of Multiple

The concept of a Tree of Life is a widespread belief that can be found in many different cultures. The Tree of Life connecting all beings and the Tree of Knowledge connecting heaven to the underworld are believed to both be variations of the World Tree concept found frequently in many cultures; one of the most frequently referenced version of the World Tree is Yggdrasil from Norse mythology.

Dream catchers originated with the Ojibwe (Chippewa) people of North America, and have been a part of Native American traditions for generations. Originally, Dream catchers were woven on fresh Red Willow twigs using stinging nettle thread found in the stalk. Natural feathers, and everyday items were used along with one gemstone to each web referencing the belief that there is only one creator in the web of life.

These are not traditional dream catchers but are very beautiful examples of the different designs that can be found with modern dream catchers. They come in a range of colors including blue with black detailing, green with black detailing, purple with blue detailing, and black with natural light brown detailing. These would make excellent gifts, or home decor items for kids bedrooms as well!

Both the dream catcher and the Tree of Life symbol have some fascinating beliefs attached to them. It is thought that the Tree of Life is the ultimate gateway to knowledge of oneself, manifestation, and self-development. The Ojibwe people believed that the night air was filled with dreams, good and bad. It is thought that good dreams know the path to the dreamer and so they float through the web and flow down the feathers to the dreamer. Bad dreams are confused and get caught in the web until the first rays of sun evaporate them.

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