Sunset Jasper Tower

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Sunset Jasper

 These unique towers were carved by a small, family-owned cutting facility in India that we contract for approximately six months of each year.They measure approximately 3 inches tall.


Basic Information

Sunset Jasper is Jasper from India that forms in colors often associated with sunset. It is a light orange color with hints of red and yellow. It has a speckled appearance, giving the stone more depth than is typically associated with Jasper.


The gentle, calming feeling of watching a beautiful sunset is a very fitting description of Sunset Jasper. This a stone dedicated to letting go of the stresses of the day; encouraging a person to learn from the lessons of the day and let them go to embrace a new day.


The Jasper family has one of the largest variety of stones in the mineral kingdom. Stones are often named for their locality, patterning, color, or discovery. There are hundreds of varieties of Jasper!


Size: 7 x 3 cm

Weight: 108.5 g

Origin: India

You will receive a Sunset Jasper Tower similar to those in the photos.

Due to the nature of natural/artisanal products and photography techniques, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed.