Skutterudite Specimen

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Skutterudite Specimen

Origin: Morocco

Size: 5x3x2 cm


Product Type: One of a Kind

Skutterudite is an arsenide hydro thermal cobalt rich mineral. It can be found tin white to a metallic silver gray in color and can be highly reflective sometimes iridescent. This was first found in the Skuterud mines in Norway and named after the city Skotterud. Skutterudite is a hard mineral coming in at a 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale.

This piece seems to fit nicely in my hand. i can feel the energy from it. There is a few distinct shapes scattered within this specimen. The one i find prominent is the triangle you will be able to see in one of the pictures. Opposite the triangle I see, as I study this piece, a mountain range. Truly unique!

Skutterudite is known to bring harmony to inner-self as well as on a greater scale. It has a constant energy and can enhance creativity greatly. Skutterudite aids in resolving inner conflict and will bring crystal clear perspective.