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Chakra Point Pendulum

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Chakra Pendulum

Size: 20 cm (stone and chain)

Metal: Base Metal, Silver Color

Product Type: One of Multiple, Bulk Quantities Available

The word "Chakra" comes from the Sanskrit word that means "wheel", or "cycle". It is defined as any center of subtle body that is believed to be a psychic energy center or focal point in the body. These beliefs emerged from tantric traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is the esoteric Hindu texts that state that there are seven Chakra points.

Pendulums are an energy workers tool used for divination and connecting with your inner self. A person hold the pendulum by ball at the end of the chain, and asks a yes or no question. It is believed that the person connects with their angels, inner self, or higher power, and is passed on answers through the pendulum. Pendulums have been used for divination, water well drilling, alignment and more for thousands of years.

The Chakras are said to be the points where your physical body and spiritual body meet, also acting as a "filter" for your experiences in life. Chakra jewelry is designed to help balance the Chakras, and is believed to help focus on intention during meditation for aligning out of balance Chakras.

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