Septarian Pendant (.925 Sterling Silver)

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Septarian Pendant

This Septarian pendant is incredibly unique. The black and brown tones marry together with a contrasting white detail in the middle. The setting has a coin's edge-like texture and adds for a fun detail into the interesting piece!

Basic Information

Septarian nodules are concretions that contain angular cavities and cracks that are called "septaria". These cracks vary widely in shape and volume, and are unique in each piece. Septaria usually contains crystals such as calcite, and siderite or pyrite coatings have been found on the walls of the inner cavities of Septaria.


Septarian has some interesting associations, it is thought that carrying Septarian with you or using it as home decor can help you enhance your sense of privacy. It is also believed to help you gain balance in your body, mind and spirit. What a serene stone!

Size: 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Weight: 7.0 g

*Chain not included