Rudraksha Traditional Mala

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Traditional Rudraksha Mala

Size: 12 x 3 cm

Weight: 45 g.

Product Type: One of a Kind

Rudraksha is a seed produced by certain species of the broad-leaved Evergreen tree that is traditionally used as prayer beads in Hinduism. They are associated with the Hindu deity Shiva and are worn commonly by his devotees as protection. Rudraksha Malas can be worn all of the time, including in the shower.

These Rudraksha Malas have a warm brown to red coloring, and a very distinct texture due to the nature of the organic seeds. Each Mala measures in at about 22 in., and each seed is about 11mm around. There is a small golden tassle sitting beneath the Guru bead creating an uplifting and energetic appearance!

Rudraksha beads are very traditionally created into Malas, and they are said to be particularly useful in sanctifying the mind, body, and soul during meditation.

You will receive one (1) Rudraksha Mala.

Due to the nature of photography and natural products, size, style, and color may slightly vary from photographs.