Ruby in Fuchsite Gemstone Egg

Size Range: 5 x 4 cm

Weight Range: 130 - 155 g.

Product Type: One of Multiple

Ruby in Fuchsite is a natural formation of Ruby and Fuchsite in a single specimen. It has a very wide range of color, patterns, hardness depending on the cut and the specific composition. Both Ruby and Fuchsite are colored with traces of chromium; Ruby is a red variety of Corundum, and Fuchsite is a green-blue chromium rich variety of Muscovite. Zoisite is a greyish-white to greyish green crystalline mineral that is a part of the Epidote group.

These Ruby Fuchsite and Zoisite Gemstone Eggs shows a truly incredible array of color. Predominantly they show off a great pale, shimmering green color that blends into a mystically light purple with accents of red that compliments the color variety. These would make great display pieces with a stand, or for use in massage and meditation!

Gemstone spheres are believed to inspire brotherhood, unity, and wholeness in a household. It is also thought that Gemstone spheres can distribute energy in all directions as opposed to a wand that distributes energy in a focused direction.

Ruby in Fuchsite is thought to help forge connections to spiritual realms, and enhance natural psychic awareness. It is believed to specifically work with the Third Eye and Heart Chakra, helping connect the two.

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Due to the nature of natural products, and photography techniques the color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos. Stand pictured is not included.

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