Rhyolite 3 lb portion

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Made in: USA

Size: 3 cm - 5 cm

Weight: 3 lb

Product Type: One of Multiple

Rhyolite is an Igneous rock with a silica rich composition. It is primarily made up of Quartz and Plagioclase, it can also contain Biotite, Hornblende and other minerals. 

These Rhyolite pieces are a mix of pinks, greys, reds and whites. They have a nice patterning and character. Each stone is between three and five centimeters long. Rhyolite has a mixed hardness, due to it's formation, but still can be used in all types of projects, including crafting, fountains, jewelry, decorating. 

Rhyolite is thought to bring forward a persons creativity and potential. some healers recommend Rhyolite for past life healing, self-esteem issues, and acceptance of your true self. It is thought to enhance meditation, and give a person the strength to deal with challenging situations. 

Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed. You will receive product similar to those in the listing.