Red Aventurine

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Red Aventurine Tumbled

Origin: Brazil

Size: 3cm-5cm

Weight: 3 lb portion

Aventurine is a type of Quartz characterized by it's translucency and for the platy mineral inclusions that create an effect known as aventurescence; a shimmering and glistening appearance. On the Mohs Scale it is about a 6.5 for hardness, similar but somewhat lower than a single-crystal Quartz.

These Red Aventurine pieces have a great depth created by the variety of reds at work throughout this 3 lb portion. These pieces would be wonderful on display in your home, they are polished and tumbled to showcase the vivid color and unique aventurescence.

Red Aventurine is considered a stone of discernment when choosing a path to follow, encouraging confidence and self-worth. Traditionally, Red Aventurine is a protective stone and can be included in wedding decorations as it is thought to ease tempers and create harmony.

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