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Prasiolite Rough Pieces(various)

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 Prasiolite Rough Pieces

Size: 5 x 1 x .5 cm approx

Weight: 6.5 - 29 g

Product Type: One of a kind

Prasiolite is a green formation of Amethyst. It is made up of Silicon Dioxide with a hexagonal structure. Prasiolite comes from the Greek word "leek". When paired with a little bit of purple, it is called Amegreen.

These Prasiolite pieces are simple and elegant in their crystal structure. They catch light very well and radiate clarity in the gentle earth green within its fractures and growth. These would be great for gridding. There is 2 sizes to choose from

Prasiolite connects the Heart and the Crown Chakras, creating healing heart and emotional energies, opening the mind to the Higher Self and the Divine. Aids in heart and circulatory system, while also assisting digestion. It brings up spiritual ideas, the feeling of love and blessing, and dispels negative thoughts and judgement.

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