Polylithionite Specimen

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Polylithionite Specimen

Origin: Greenland

Size: 8 x 8 x 4 cm

Weight: 258 g.

Product Type: One of a Kind

Polylithionite is a common, yet relatively unknown, and possibly fluorescent phyllosilicate mineral of the Mica Group. It forms as a late stage replacement mineral in syenite pegmatites, and alkaline or agpaitic rocks that form in irregular segregation and veinlets. The name of this mineral comes from it's composition. Poly from the Greek word for many or much, in regard to its high lithium content. Sheets of lithium aluminum silicate become bonded by potassium ions, that produce the perfect cleavage.

This beautiful Polylithionite specimen shows off the fine sheet formations in a sunburst pattern, the off-white yellow/green adds to the uplifting formation. This piece is definitely eye-catching and would be a great addition to an altar or as decor for the home or office. 

Polylithionite reminds us of our humanity and helps rekindle our connection to the Earth, our inner selves, or just relax, rejuvenate and center. It is a protective mineral, and is believed to guard possessions. The flow of energy regarding devoted efforts towards family and community can be empowered by Polylithionite. It connects with ancestors, health, prosperity and abundance, especially if used in the Eastern area of your room or home. The down-to-Earth vibration of this mineral will help stabilize and deepen the roots when grounding, as it helps to calm the mind and reduce anxiety.

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