Mangano (Pink ) Calcite Palm Stone

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Pink Calcite Polished Stones

Also Known As: Manganoan Calcite

Basic Information

Pink Calcite (Manganoan Calcite) is a variety of Calcite particulary rich in manganese which gives this mineral a pale pink to purple color. The amount of manganese varies according to the different localities in which Pink Calcite is found, causing the color to become redder with higher proportions of manganese


Pink Calcite is overall considered to be a stone of peace and is strongly connected with the Heart Chakra. It is thought that Pink Calcite boosts self-confidence, and as a healer or counselor it is said that Pink Calcite assists in forging connections with a patient.

Important Note

This specimen has been ethically sourced from family owned and operated small businesses in Bulgaria and Canada. These specimens would have been destroyed had these entrepreneurial mineral lovers not chosen to share them with the world.

Weight: 1260 g

Size:  17 x 11 x 9 cm