Oco Geode & Tourmaline Drop Pendant (187)

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Occa Geode Pendant with Center Tourmaline Drop

Also known as: Ocho geode, Oco geode

Origin: Brazil

Type: Pendant

Metal: Silver Plated

Weight: 10 g

Product Type: One of a kind

Occa Geodes are found in the Tres Pinheiros region of Brazil by farmers, and are formed in openings with sedimentary and igneous rock. They have crystal centers with concentric rings of Quartz Agate, and are very popular for jewelry because of the unique and intricate patterns that form within them.

Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone and is a crystalline boron silicate mineral which is compounded with several elements including aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium.

This Occa geode and Tourmaline pendant has a distinctly elegant appearance; there is an incredible contrast of dark black and white swirled throughout the geode itself which is set off by the stark, shining black of the Tourmaline and the lustrous silver plating. This piece would be a great choice for formal occasions or casual wear alike!

Agates are thought to take you through the layers of yourself, and help you to learn more about who you are, letting go of blockages, and discovering what paths you should be exploring. Tourmaline is a busy stone; it is considered a greatly cleansing, purifying, and transformative crystal. It is thought that Tourmaline crystals clear and balance the chakras, clear auras, and disperse any negative energy encountered. It is also considered to be ideal for self-confidence, all around a great stone to carry around.

You are purchasing the exact piece in the photographs. It measures 7 cm long and 4 cm wide.