Nephrite Jade 6mm Rounds Bead Strand

Length: 16 in. strand

Bead Size: 6mm (rounds)

Weight: 35 g.

Product Type: One of Multiple

Jade is an ornamental, metamorphic rock that has been used throughout history for carvings and jewelry, most prominently in ancient Asian art. There are two varieties of Jade; Jadeite, a sodium and aluminum rich pyroxene that is mainly translucent, and Nephrite which is also a variety of the amphibole minerals tremolite or actinolite and can be found mainly in opaque shades of greys and greens. Nephrite is distinguished from Jadeite by it's density and hardness; Nephrite will also emit a musical tone when hit, whereas Jadeite won't.

There is an invigorating quality to these Nephrite Jade beads, this may be because of the energetic and dynamic shades of green found in each bead. These beads would do well on their own, or paired with Lava stone beads for a bit of added contrast.

It is believed that Jadeite is a stone of balance, harmony, and group communication. It is also commonly associated with family health and relationships. Jadeite in Chinese tradition, being a member of the Jade family, is said to represent all five virtues of humanity: wisdom, compassion, justice, modesty, & courage.

Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed. You will receive a strand similar to those in the listing.

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