Morganite Tumbled Chip Beads

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Morganite Tumbled Chip Beads

Also Known As: Pink Beryl

Size: 1 x 1 x 0.25 - 1.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 cm

Weight: ~ 45 g

Product Type: One of Multiple

Morganite is a peachy to light pink member of the beryl family, that is colored by manganese and iron impurities. It is often heat treated to enhance and stabilize the pink color, and reduce any yellow or orange hues. With a hardness between 7.5-8, it is commonly used in rings and high-end jewelry. It was renamed after the legendary financier J.P. Morgan in 1911 for his contributions to the American Museum of Natural History, after originally being known as Pink Beryl.

These polished Morganite chip beads are naturally shaped, and tumbled to smooth the edges. The color ranges from a pale pink to almost white, with peachy parts, indicating that these beads are not heat treated. The size of each bead varies, giving them an intriguing appearance, and making them great for an array of projects!

Morganite is a very loving gemstone that connects to the heart chakra, relieving emotional stress, anxiety, trauma, and subconscious wounds. It encourages compassion, awareness, courage, energy, strength, responsibility, hope, peace and confidence. Attracting more loving thoughts and considerate actions, it helps to deepen in current relationships or find one's soul mate, and opens the heart to give and receive unconditional and divine love.