Moldavite in Sterling Silver Pendant

Origin: Czech Republic

Size: 2 - 4 cm

Metal: Sterling Silver

Weight: 7.5 g

Product Type: One of Multiple

Moldavite is a very rare and intriguing stone. Typically, Moldavite is an olive green or dull greenish vitreous substance said to have been formed from a meteorite impact with earth in Southern Germany over 14 million years ago; which makes Moldavite a form of Tektite (a meteorite impact rock) that will, eventually, be exhausted completely.

These Moldavite pendants vary from light to a deep satin green. The surface is rough and jagged which shows off the inner structure of these pieces very nicely. The sterling silver setting protects this little gem quite nicely and adds sparkle and shine. These pieces would go from day to night wear with ease!

Moldavite is considered to be one of the stones for the New Age; having been used since the Stone Age as a talisman for good fortune and fertility, it has a long history of use. It is considered to be an incredibly high vibration stone that is believed to greatly enhance the effect of other crystals, align the Chakras, and it is thought that holding Moldavite up to the light and gazing through it can result in a shift of consciousness to the highest spiritual dimensions.

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