Mexican Geodes (5 pc set)

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Mexican Geode (5 pc set)

Origin: Mexico

Weight: 5 lbs per lot

Size: 6-13 cm

Product Type: One of multiple, Bulk Quantity Only

Geodes are geological secondary structures that can occur in sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Geodes themselves are sedimentary and form usually in "spheroid" hollow masses.

This 5 piece set of Mexican geodes have a beautifully pale purple Amethyst coloring and incredible cluster structure within each geode. This set is perfect for beginner collectors!

Agates are thought to take you through the layers of yourself, and help you to learn more about who you are, letting go of blockages, and discovering what paths you should be exploring.

You are purchasing one set of 5 Mexican Geodes pre-broken. Color and size may vary due to the nature of organic specimens and photography techniques.