Meteoritic Amethyst

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Meteoritic Amethyst

This Amethyst point is a great size for an array of purposes. The base of the crystal contains some matrix stones, with the majority of it being a deeply saturated violet. The point is dusted with a deeply rusted red that is contained within the crystal structure.

Basic Information & History

Meteoritic Amethyst comes from Thunder Bay, Ontario. A meteorite strike in the Sudbury region 1.85 billion years ago that geologically fractured the ground for hundreds of kilometers. This was the catalyst for the Amethyst to form, and some scientists and labs theorize that trace amounts of the meteorite itself exist within the Amethyst.

Most Amethyst is formed after volcanic activity, inside gas pockets of prehistoric eruptions. Meteoritic Amethyst was formed form an impact from space, making it unique in the world of Amethyst.

Meteoritic Amethyst often forms with ‘red caps’ or ‘red inclusions’ in the Amethyst that is visible to the naked eye. This mineral is hematite. Scientific testing has revealed that up to 23 minerals can be found in Meteoritic Amethyst in trace levels.


Meteoritic Amethyst works on many layers due to its unique formation. It is focused on growth on all levels and encourages embracing change through thoughtful communication. It is protective and a great energetic stone that promotes good decision making. Meteoritic Amethyst is ideal for mediation and in grids as it ‘reaches for the stars’ and encourages the people around it to do the same.

Origin: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Size: 5 x 4 x 2.5 cm

Weight: 77 g

Product Type: One of a Kind