Menolite Specimens (Goddess Stones)

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Menolite Specimens

Also Known As: Goddess Stones

Weight: 1-2.5 lbs (range)

Size: 8-16 cm (range)

Product Type: One of a kind

Natural Menilite forms has been given the name "Goddess Stone". The concept of the Divine Feminine is not a new one. You can find references to this term in some of the oldest cultures in the world, from ancient Egypt to modern literature and metaphysical circles.

It is said that Goddess Stones have a long history of helping one focus their intentions for the purpose of manifestation. Because it is thought that they have the ability to amplify our intentions, they have earned a valuable place among those who use them for meditation and ritual. Because of this deep connection and strong feminine energy, it is said that if you break a Goddess Stone it will help with fertility.

You are purchasing one (1) specimen.

Please note that although we strive to present the piece as accurately as possible through our photography, size and color may vary slightly due to the nature of natural products.