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Lilac Mica Specimen (25)

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Lilac Mica Specimen

Also Known As: Lepidolite

Origin: Brazil

Size: 18 x 10 x 9 cm.

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Product Type: One of a kind

Lepidolite is a lilac variety of Mica. It is a softer stone, and the color comes from the lithium content in the mineral, Lepidolite is actually the most abundant lithium-bearing mineral on the market. Mica has nearly perfect basal cleavage and sits at just a 2 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it one of the softest minerals on the planet.

This Lepidolite specimen shows an exceptionally ethereal lilac coloring with pearly/silver shimmer. The lilac Mica is held within a bright white stone matrix that accents the feminine, soft coloring of this mineral. The Mica formation is botryoidal at points, giving a beautifully unique rounded appearance.

Lepidolite is believed to relieve stress and anxiety, bring emotional healing, and create a divine connection. Lepidolite was discovered in the eighteenth century, and was originally named Lilalite. It is thought to be a fantastic transition stone, bringing forth hope, honesty and joy.

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