Larimar Sterling Silver Ring Size 8.25

Made in: India

Also Known As: Stefilia's Stone, Dolphin Stone

Ring Size: 8.25

Metal Type: .925 Sterling Silver

Weight: 4 grams

Product Type: One of a kind

Larimar is a rare blue type of silicate mineral pectolite that is only found in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Pectolite is found in many different locations but Larimar has a unique volcanic blue coloring caused by copper substituting for calcium.

This amazing blue tear drop-shaped Larimar stone is set in a .925 Sterling Silver ring that is approx. size 8.25. The beautiful simple band of this ring is sleek and elegant . Brilliant sterling silver makes an outstanding match for the bright blue of the Larimar stone. Perfect for daily wear and special occasions alike!

Larimar is a very interesting stone, known as one of the "Spiritual Stones" that are believed to open up new dimensions spiritually and mentally. It is thought that Larimar brings serenity and can help effortlessly enter a deep meditative state. Larimar is said to have a deep connection with the Earth and encourages individual connection with the Earth.

Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed.

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