Landscape Jasper Cabochons (Top-Drilled)

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Landscape Jasper Top-Drilled Pendants (Trapezium or Teardrop)

Type: Top-Drilled Cabochon

Size: 5 cm x 3.5 cm

Weight: 15 g

Product Type: One of multiple

Landscape Jasper is a type of Brown Jasper known for it's "scenic" natural formations. Jasper is an aggregate of micro granular Quartz, Chalcedony, and other minerals.The Jasper family contains one of the widest variety of stone types in the world, as stones are often named after their locality, color patterning, and other factors. Jasper is a popular stone for hobbyists, tumblers, and collectors.

Landscape Jasper gets its unique name from the distinctly scenic patterns that can be found when this Jasper is polished; and these cabs certainly show that off! Each of these top-drilled cabs have their own character, and you have the choice of a triangular "trapizium" shape, or a classic tear-drop shape.

Jaspers are great for stress relief, thought to bring a gentle calm and nurturing ability. They have been recommended to help with anxiety, reduce nightmares, and help calm the mind for better study habits. Brown Jasper specifically brings stability and balance to a home or situation.

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