K-2 Jasper

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K-2 Jasper

Origin: Pakistan

Also Known As: K2 Granite, Raindrop Azurite

Weight: 30-40 g.        Size: 2.5-5 cm

K2 Jasper is a newly discovered mineral from Northern Pakistan, it consists of fine-grained white granite (composed of Quartz, sodium plagioclase, muscovite, and biotite) and bright blue Azurite "orbs" that range from a few millimeters to around 2 cm in diameter. In rough specimens, the Azurite looks similar to drops of blue ink before polishing.

These fascinating tumbled stones of K2 Jasper have a high quality polish and shaping, with edges smoothed and rounded - they make a great palm or pocket stone because of this. The color in each piece ranges from the dark grey inclusions to light grey as a matrix, and of course the distinct bright blue Azurite spots K2 is known for!

K2 Jasper is thought to connect specifically with the Third Eye, opening this Chakra and allowing you expand your view of life's experiences. K2 Jasper is believed to be a great stone for opening your awareness and enhancing intuition.

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