Idocrase Tumbled 1pc

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Tumbled Idocrase

Size: 0.7cm - 1.5cm

Product Type: Tumbled

Vesuvianite (also known as Idocrase) is a silicate mineral that forms in green, blue, brown, or yellow. Vesuvianite occurs in tetragonal crystals in skarn (hard, coarse-grained metamorphic rocks) deposits, and limestone that has been subjected to contact metmorphism. Name is derived from MT. Vesuvius, where it is found

These tumbled Idocrase may be small but pack a lot of energy to those who need it most. Their striking moss/earth green color makes them a lovely addition to any crystal collection.

Vesuvianite is believed to give you a link to the "higher self", and aid in releasing feelings of imprisonment and restraint. It is thought to be a fantastic stone for creating inner security to those who have faced imprisonment of some kind. It is a healer for those going through times of feeling lost or without a path ahead of them. It grounds the wearer into feeling purpose and nudges toward finding a way out and seeing the light at the end of a dark road.

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