Healerite Serpentine Bead Strands(6mm round)

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Healerite Serpentine Bead Strands(6mm round)

Length: 16 in. strand

Weight: 20g

Product Type: One of Multiple

Healerite is a newly discovered gemstone also known as Noble Serpentine. The rare color is an olive rich peridote transformed to serpentine. Serpentine can include up to 16 different minerals within its composition including magnesium, chromium, manganese and calcite. Healerite can be found in the Magnesite Belt of north east Washington State.

These Healerite Serpentine or Nobel Serpentine beads have a pale yellow coloring. The metaphysical properties if this stone makes these beads a perfect addition to any project!

Healerite is a stone of its namesake...a healing stone. It is thought to have the ability to increase "chi" or life force. Some believe it incites calm for nerves. This mineral is associated with the Heart chakra bringing states of joy, generosity, intimacy and love.

Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed. You will receive a strand similar to those in the listing.