Hanksite (54)

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Hanksite Specimen

Size: 6 cm x 4.5 cm x 4cm

Weight: 106 g

Product Type: One of a Kind

Hanksite is a Potassium Sulphate mineral that is salty to the taste and can contain clay inclusions that became trapped while the crystal was forming. It grows into hexagonal shapes and is found in boron rich California salt lakes. They can dissolve when wet and should be kept dry and can glow yellow under UV light.

This Hanksite specimen is wonderful in it's hexagonal prism structure. It glows neatly under a blacklight to wow people lucky enough to see and would make an exceptional piece to any collection.

Hanksite is a stone that has an energy that mixes well with most users and handlers. It is unlikely to feel uneasy with this mineral. It is a chakra cleansing mineral while also a cleanser for other crystals, and also cleansing the physical and toxic environments around you. It is known as the "stone of truth" and can also help to stave those away from a head-in-the-clouds mentality.

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