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Hamsa Hand Bracelet

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Hamsa Hand Bracelet

Origin: China

Size: 6cm (across)

Weight: 5 g

Product Type: One of multiple

The Hamsa (Khamsa) is an open palm-shaped amulet that is popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, it is commonly used in wall-hangings and jewelry. Most frequently the Hamsa was carved from Jet or Silver; Silver being the purest and brightest metal and so representing purity.

Each of these charming bracelets are made of Turquoise colored Magnesite beads paired with the option of either a silver Hamsa Hand or a golden Hamsa Hand. The size of the bracelet is about 6cm across and fits snugly against the wrist with a flexible elastic making it versatile for different wrist sizes!

The Hamsa has a rich and complex history rooted in legend and belief. Most recently it has been used as a good luck charm, seen as a potent aid in deflecting evil. Used throughout history, it depicts an open hand that is used as protection against the Evil Eye. The Hamsa is also referred to as the Hand of Fatima after the prophet Muhammad's daughter.

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