Grape Agate Specimen (66)

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Grape Agate Specimen

Origin: Indonesia

Size: 11 x 9 x 4 cm

Weight: 381 g

Product Type: One of a kind

Grape Agate is the common name for a type of amethystine microcrystalline-quartz/chalcedony that comes from Indonesia. Grape Agate is highly botryoidal giving a "bubbled" appearance; this is what lead to it's common name.

This larger Grape Agate specimen is long and slender measuring in at 27 cm long by 20 cm wide at the widest part. The coloring throughout this specimen is a dark to light opaque purple that accents the intense and incredibly varied natural texture/formations. This piece could be propped up with a stand to show off it's unique detailing, or left without a stand placed on a coffee table with other tumbled stone accents!

It is said that Grape Agate excels in promoting inner balance or stability, a mature attitude, and composure during crisis. It is thought to bring security to a home, and help enhance meditation practices.

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