Genuine Dinosaur Bone (355)

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Genuine Dinosaur Bone

Origin: Alberta, Canada

Size: 17 x 11 x 9 cm

Weight: 1.454 kg.

Product Type: One of a kind

Dinosauria refers to a nearly extinct group of vertebrates that thrived from 240 to 65 million years ago. The differences between dinosaur and reptile being that dinosaurs are warm-blooded, and have structural modifications that allowed for the upright bipedal, increased mobility and disposition. Birds are the only living Dinosauria relatives today.

In 1978, Dinosaur Bone was protected by Canadian Law. In order to sell it, the pieces must have been harvested prior to 1978, and have been cleared by the Alberta Government. This specimen is of cutting grade for lapidary work.

Dinosaur exhibits are of the most popular natural museums in the world. The strange, yet majestic creatures inspire children and adults alike; sparking the imagination, creativity and interest in the wonders of science. Their remnants remind us how ever changing our mysterious planet is, and that all things are finite.

Dinosaur Bone is a stone of integrity, communication and strength. It aligns the wearer with their truest self, helping to follow the heart with confidence. It helps to reduce survival related anxiety, and strengthen the spirit. Transmuting negative energy into positive, it promotes healing of the current and past lives, wholeness, and high vibration support for the aura, chakra's and wearer's body. It acts like a cleansing agent, and helps repair holes in the etheric body, and as assists with alternate mental states, providing ease when facing death or terminal illness.

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