Fulgurite (California various)

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Fulgurite (California)

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Fulgurites are formed when lightning strikes the ground. The heat from the lightning fuses the mineral grains on the ground. Fulgurites are commonly called "petrified lightning" and are very popular among hobbyists and collectors alike. Fulgurites are great for predicting where lightning most commonly strikes.

These are really neat. Some of them are hollow and you can see the glassy shine scattered throughout. These fulgurite specimens range in tone from dark grey to light with white sand like minerals dotted everywhere. They have a slight shimmer to them and every piece has a unique shape. Considering how these are formed the conversations will be endless!

Fulgurites hold a very high and potent vibration. It is thought that fulgurite is awesome for purification and opening and clearing the psychic senses allowing for a better Divine connection. Fulgurites work with the Heart, Throat and especially the Third Eye chakra. It is believed to be a great shamanic and manifestation tool!

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