Fluorite Free-Form Polished Slabs (44-52 g) (Various)

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Fluorite Free-Form Polished Slabs (Various)

Size: 5 x 4 x 1 - 5.5 x 4.5 x 1 cm

Weight: 44 - 52 g

Product Type: One of a Kind

Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride and it belongs to the halide minerals. This busy stone has many uses in the metallurgical, chemical, and ceramics industries; Fluorite functions as a flux in smelting, and in the production of some glasses and enamels. In its purest form its used in the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid. It is also the defining mineral for 4 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, and fluorescence (the blue glow that can be produced under ultraviolet light) was named after the mineral Fluorite.

These polished Fluorite free-form slabs show off the stunning banding patterns that can be found within Fluorite. The color ranges from vibrant purple to bright translucent green, with layers of opaque to transparent white. These are a great size to hold in meditation, travel with, have on any altar or add to a collection.

There are different associations for the different colors of Fluorite, but generally it is seen as a very protective stone, aiding in staying grounded and stable. Purple Fluorite is thought to be connected to the Third Eye and imparts common sense, and Green Fluorite is considered to be a Chakra cleanser. A great stone if you have some disorganization in your life that you would like to tackle!

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