Eudialyte Crystals (Various Sizes 17-23)

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Eudialyte Specimens from Greenland

Origin: Greenland

Size Range: 4-7 cm

Weight: 80 - 180 g.

Product Type: One of Multiple

Eudialyte is a fairly rare nine member ring cyclosilicate mineral that forms in alkaline igneous rocks, and comes in a color range of red to magenta, brown, yellow, and blue. The name Eudialyte come from a Greek phrase meaning "well decomposable" which hints at the fact that this mineral has a high solubility in acid. These specimens are from Greenland, where Eudialyte was first discovered in 1819. Interestingly enough, Eudialyte is mildly radioactive.

These specimens have an interesting range of color from a purple-toned maroon to a pale grey, with small portions of dark brown Eudialyte.  These pieces are fantastic for big or small collections, for display, or even for school projects!

Eudialyte is unique in the sense that it is believed to help bring coincidence and synchronicity into your life. It is associated with the Heart Chakra and is believed to aid in uniting your emotional feelings with your physical expressions.

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