Ethiopian Opal Sterling Silver Necklace (047)

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Ethiopian Opal Sterling Silver Necklace

Origin: Ethiopia

Made in: India

Size: 17 inches

Product Type: One of a Kind

Opal as a whole is a hydrated amorphous form of silica, and because of its amorphous character it is referred to as a mineraloid. It's water content can range anywhere from 3% to 21% by weight but it is usually around 6-10%. The internal structure of opal causes it to diffract light. It is also the birthstone for October.

The Opal found on these necklaces is Ethiopian in origin and shows a truly remarkable array of colors and luster. With every movement the colors dance creating a flash effect of everything from bright green to iridescent pink and pale blue. These eye-catching jewels are held together by sterling silver, the brightest of all precious metals and a great partner for these Ethiopian Opal crystals.

This necklace just has the impressive presence to go with a wedding dress, with the light reflecting a subtle rainbow of colors it is made to compliment you!

It is thought that wearing Opal can bring the wearer loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity which makes it a good will stone for relationships. Opal is a delicate stone and is referred to as a karmic stone, reflecting to you what you put out, whether positive or negative. It is believed that opal can aid in expressing your true self and amplify creativity as well.

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