4mm Bead Strand Kit

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4mm Bead Strand Kit

4mm round beads

7 inch strands

18 strands per kit


Each kit contains 18 different bead strands to include:

Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Paint Brush Jasper, Pink Zebra Jasper, Brown Goldstone, Blackstone, Amazonite-Serpentine, Purple Jade-Serpentine, Turquoise Stone, Kiwi-Purple, Kiwi-Turquoise, Sodalite, Pink Matrix Stone, Unakite, Yellow Turquoise Jasper, Coral-Serpentine, Flower Chrysocolla andGreen Turquoise Stone. 

This kit would make a great gift for anyone wanting to get into beadwork as it contains so many different types of beautiful beads.These strands would be awesome for making bracelets or anklets!