Desert Rose Blades (50 g)

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Desert Rose Blades

Size Range: Up to ~ 2 x 1.5 x 0.5 cm

Weight: 50 g

Product Type: One of Multiple

Desert Rose is the name given to the rose-like formations of Gypsum or Baryte. The rosette appearance comes from the "petals" which are crystals flattened on the c crystallographic axis; this rosette crystal habit usually forms in the arid, sandy conditions found in deserts. Gypsum Roses typically have more defined edges than Baryte Roses.

These Desert Rose blades range from sandy beige"petals" to a warm golden brown. The sizes vary, and each piece is unique. These would be great for gridding, crafting, or even a zen garden!

It is believed that the Desert Rose is supportive of personal development, positive change, and growing as an individual. They are thought to be connected with gently removing barriers from previous belief systems that you may have moved on from. A great meditation stone!

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