Dallasite Specimens (Various)

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Dallasite Specimens (Various)

Size: 4cm - 9.5cm

Weight: 32.4g - 730g

Dallasite is classified as a breccia which is a type of stone composed of broken fragments of minerals held together (cemented) by a fine-grained matrix. This mineral is only found on Vancouver Island, BC, and is generally composed of varying combinations of quartz, altered basalt, epidote, and pumpellyite. Dallasite is commonly polished into cabochons for jewelry, and is considered to be the third most important gem material found in British Columbia.

These stones have a velvet-like feel to them, with a few rough rock patches scattered throughout. The green, black and grey tones marble with white to create a beautiful geographic-looking pattern throughout the rocks. These stones would make an amazing addition to any collection!

Brecciated Jaspers are usually associated with strength, vitality, and endurance through difficult situations, and this certainly applies to Dallasite. Along with this, the addition of quartz adds a cleansing aspect to the stone, and epidote helps to see situations more clearly and help attract prosperity.

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