Cobalt Aura Quartz

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Cobalt Aura Quartz

Size: 2 x 2.5 cm - 2.5 x 1 cm

Weight:  0.9 g - 2.9 g

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Aura crystals are natural crystals (usually Quartz) that have been coated in a metal, giving it a distinct iridescent sheen that differs depending on the metal used. In the making of Cobalt Aura Quartz, the crystal is super-heated in a vacuum, and sprayed with a cobalt-based coating at a high temperature. This gives the Quartz it's metallic sheen and dichroic appearance.

These pieces each have something unique in store! From the point shape to the shifting colours, these pieces are perfect for anyone! The stone shifts from stunning shades of blue, purple, and subtle golds. 

Cobalt Aura Quartz crystals are said to be able to awaken all 7 Chakras, with the most affected one being the throat Chakra. These crystals are also said to stimulate Third Eye visioning, as well as actualizing creative pursuits. This stone lifts moods, boosts the immune system and dispels sadness, stress and negativity. 

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