Chlorite Quartz Bulk (1 lb)

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Chlorite Quartz

These pieces of tumbled Chlorite Quartz are perfect for gridding, altars or pocket stones! Keep them all for yourself, or spread the love and gift them to friends!

Basic Information & History
Chlorite is a group of mostly monoclinic micaceous phyllosilicate minerals, it has a wide range of composition with the basic composition being iron magnesium aluminum silicate. Chlorite Quartz is Quartz that is coated in Chlorite, or has Chlorite included. These incredible pieces of Chlorite included Quartz have an otherworldly appearance, with light to dark translucent greys, and ghostly subdued greens. Each piece has unique character, and would make a great pocket or traveling stone.

Chlorite Quartz is believed to be a powerful healing stone for personal energy fields, paired with Carnelian and Ruby, it is thought to protect against psychic attack while assisting in helping earthbound spirits move on.

Size: 10 x 15 cm
Weight: 461.2 g