Carnelian & Quartz Pendant/Pendulum

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Carnelian & Clear Quartz Pendulum/Pendant

Size: 10 cm long

Metal: Base Metal, Silver Color

Product Type: One of Multiple

Carnelian is a variation of the silica mineral Chalcedony, colored by iron oxide. The color varies wildly in Carnelian and can be anything from pale orange to an intense, nearly-black red. It sits at 6-7 on the Mohs Scale and so it is a durable stone; great for jewelry!

Pendulums are an energy workers tool used for divination and connecting with your inner self. A person hold the pendulum by ball at the end of the chain, and asks a yes or no question. It is believed that the person connects with their angels, inner self, or higher power, and is passed on answers through the pendulum. Pendulums have been used for divination, water well drilling, alignment and more for thousands of years.

This versatile pendulum is made so that it can also double as a pendant when used with a chain! The color is a warm orange/red, and the Carnelian is polished and faceted very well. There is a small sphere shaped Clear Quartz set at the top and a faceted Clear Quartz Point at the bottom.

Carnelian is believed to be a powerfully grounding stone to carry with you. Something unique about Carnelian is it's strong associations with clarifying perception, helping concentration during meditation, and focusing those with a tendency to daydream.

Due to the nature of natural products, and photography techniques the color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos. You are receiving similar item to those in the photographs.