Bronzite Carved Angels

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Bronzite Angels

Weight: 40 g.

Size Range: 5 x 3 cm

Product Type: One of multiple

Bronzite is a unique member of the Pyroxene mineral family, along with Hypersthene. Bronzite is actually just a ferriferous variety of Enstatite (a magnesium silicate). The color is typically green or brown with a submetallic-luster.

These Bronzite angels have been beautifully shaped to accent both the stone's natural patterns and the carving itself. The color is a (you guessed it) beautiful metallic bronze with luster just beneath the surface to add a dynamic flash!

Bronzite is thought to be a protective and grounding stone ideal for self esteem and decision making.

You are purchasing one (1) Gemstone carving.

Due to the nature of natural/artisanal products and photography techniques, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed.