Blue Quartz Chakra Pendulum

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Blue Quartz Chakra Pendulum

Size: 3.5 x 3 x 2.5 cm, chain is 20 cm

Weight: 14 g

Metal: Base Metal, Silver Color

Product Type: One of a Kind

Blue Quartz is a member of the quartz family of crystals that forms in a natural blue color. This color is caused from inclusions of magnesio-riebeckite or crocidolite and ranges from a pale sky blue to a light to a darker blue. It sits at a seven on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. 

Pendulums are an energy workers tool used for divination and connecting with your inner self. A person hold the pendulum by ball at the end of the chain, and asks a yes or no question. It is believed that the person connects with their angels, inner self, or higher power, and is passed on answers through the pendulum. Pendulums have been used for divination, water well drilling, alignment and more for thousands of years.

Blue Quartz is thought to assist connecting with others without fear, calming the mind and inspiring hope. It is also thought to help with communication and resonates with the Throat Chakra. Quartz in general is a great energizer and healer, and all stones in the Quartz Family are associated with healing. 

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