Bloodstone 1 lb portion

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Bloodstone Tumbled

Origin: India

Size: 2cm-3cm (each)

Weight: 1.0 lb

Quality: A Grade

Bloodstone is a green quartz or green jasper flecked with red jasper. This particular variety is part of an original deposit, which is Quartz based, giving it a unique look and feel. 

Each piece of Bloodstone is hand polished in India. The stones have a more rectangular appearance in general (compared to the rounder edges on a rotary tumbled piece). They are polished in the same way as the high grade Sunstone, with great attention to detail, bringing out the best in each piece.

Just as the name suggests, Bloodstone has been used since ancient times as a blood cleanser and detoxifier for the liver and kidneys. It is thought to give courage and enhance the decision making process, making it a great stone for soldiers, police officers, EMTs, and anyone going into confrontational situations where you need to think on your feet.

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