Black Moonstone Sphere

Size: 60mm, 70mm, or 90mm

Weight: 390 g. to 2 lbs

Product Type: One of Multiple

Moonstone is sodium potassium aluminum silicate and a chatoyant member of the Feldspar family, closely related to Labradorite and Sunstone. It sits at a 6 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, and comes in many different colors. The unique flash (also known as schiller, or adularescence) effect within the stone is caused by light diffraction in a micro-structure of successive Feldspar layers.

You can choose from three sizes, a 60mm, 70mm, or 90mm sphere. Each one is from the same batch and shows and incredibly inclusion pattern of pale brown with flashes of color set into deep black Moonstone. There is exceptional depth and overall these spheres have a very sophisticated appearance.

Gemstone spheres are believed to inspire brotherhood, unity, and wholeness in a household. It is also thought that Gemstone spheres can distribute energy in all directions as opposed to a wand that distributes energy in a focused direction.

Ancient Romans believed that Moonstone was solidified rays of the moon, and both Romans and Greeks associated Moonstone with lunar deities. Moonstone is said to be the stone of new beginnings and divine feminine energy. Black Moonstone is said to specifically focus on New Moon energy, and help ease into new beginnings!

You are purchasing one of multiple spheres, choose from the list of sizes in the drop down menu.

Due to the nature of natural products, and photography techniques the color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos. Stand pictured is not included.

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