Apophyllite Specimen (Various Sizes)

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Apophyllite Specimen

Origin: India

Size Range: 5-6 cm

Weight: 25-45 g

Product Type: One of a kind

Apophyllite forms alongside the Zeolite family in India.

Zeolite is a group name for (what is now) a vast amount of framework alumosilicates. Zeolites have an open "framework" structure made from alumina and silica that can trap other molecules within them; typically water molecules and alkali/alkaline-Earth metal ions. Zeolite is used in everything from dishwasher detergents to removing radioactive particles from nuclear waste sites!

This Apophyllite specimens have the cool look of ice to them, the color is a translucent grey/white with slight undertones of blue throughout. These pieces are highly textured with crystal faces and incredibly gemmy portions reflecting light very well. Have the beauty of ice in your home without the mess of it melting!

It is thought that Apophyllite make excellent Reiki stones because they can help attune you to the energies around you. Along with that attunement, it is believed that Apophyllite can help in relationships to understand the feelings behind words instead of the words themselves.

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