Angel Wing Agate (Various 2)

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Angel Wing Agate

Origin: Oregon

Also Known As: Angel Wing Chalcedony, Regency Rose Plume Agate, Graveyard Point Plume Agate

Size: 5 x 4 x 2 cm  (approximate)

Product Type: One of a Kind

Angel Wing is a high quality Agate featuring distinct feathery stalactite growths of Chalcedony over Agate. Creating delicate plume-like tips that appear to be blowing in the wind, as the structure grows from the seam towards the center. Marcassite inclusions commonly dust the plume surfaces. The unique crystal grain of Angel Wing is highly prized.

These pieces of Angel Wing Agate come from a mine in Oregon. The color varies in neutral tones, ranging between off-white, grey and brown. The plume structures vary from rounded to pointed, making these airy specimens great for any altar or collection.

Angel Wing Agate reduces distractions and enhances focus and concentration. Resonating with the crown chakra, it encourages the rise of Kundalini. Increasing communication between physical and ethereal bodies. It activates clairaudience and telepathic abilities, while stimulating insight without cares, worries or anxieties.

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